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Steelcon Builders has a proud history of over 19 years from a humble beginning in North Carolina. Due to the remarkable benefits of using metal and concrete in construction, we have been its advocate for years. We strongly suggest our customers take advantage of the power of metal and concrete with our efficient, long-lasting steel and concrete building solutions.


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DIY Construction is Time Consuming and Unreliable.

Who Has the Time to Search for One Company to Do Concrete and Another to Do Steel Erection?

If only you could find one company to handle the building, concrete work, and steel erection!

Steelcon Builders Offers Turnkey Solutions.We Will Manage the Entire Project for You, From the Concrete Foundation to the Erection of the Building.

Enjoy Faster Construction Time

Enjoy Faster Construction Time

Steel construction utilizes pre-fabricated parts which are quickly bolted together.
Greater Strength & Durability

Greater Strength & Durability

Steel and concrete require less maintenance and are resistant to damage from water, fire & pests.

Longevity & Low Maintenance

Concrete and metal structures can last decades with minimum maintenance.

We are One of the Leading Commercial Contractors of Turnkey, Pre-Fabricated Metal Buildings in North Carolina. We Can Help You Achieve Long-Lasting Construction Results Your Clients Will be Proud Of.

We have a strong commitment to delivering quality to our customers.

We have a strong commitment to delivering quality to our customers.

We have been in the construction business since 2002

We have been in the concrete and steel construction business since 2002

Our Construction Process Consists
Of 3 Easy Steps…

1. Get a Free Estimate

1. Get an Estimate

Fill out our online form and we will schedule a meeting. Once complete we will send you a quotation in 48 hours

2. Sign our Agreement

2. Sign our Agreement

Review the contract at your leisure and then sign it.

3. Start Availing the Benefits of Steel & Concrete

3. Start Availing the Benefits of Steel & Concrete

Our team of experts will deliver your project on time and within budget.


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    Client Reviews

    Mike Bridges

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    Never know what treasure you will find here. I love tje fact its family owned and the young adult works there too

    Sandra Sparks

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    Great team, great work, very satisfied with the personalized service and I recommend them to everyone


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      We have been in this business for 19 years.

      No, we are commercial contractors.

      Construction is a Major Investment. Metal & Concrete Will Give You the Best ROI. Hire Steelcon and Get Turnkey, Durable, Long-Lasting Results for Your Investment.