4 Ways To Keep Your Metal Building Cool During The Summer Season

4 Ways To Keep Your Metal Building Cool During The Summer Season

The summer season is a time for vacations, outdoor activities, and late-night parties. But it can also be a time where you find yourself sweating in your metal building due to the extreme heat. Don’t worry! You don’t need to make expensive changes or spend thousands of dollars on cooling equipment – we’re going to share four ways by which you can keep your metal building cool during the summer season without breaking the bank.

1) Apply a Cool Coating

One of the most accessible and affordable ways to keep your metal building cool during those hot summer months is by applying a cooling coat. This advanced air-sealing technology will help reflect heat away from any surface, significantly lowering temperatures in as little as 15 minutes!

2) Accessorize the Building with Canopies, Awnings, and Overhangs

By adding an awning or canopy to your metal building, you can significantly improve the shade and cooling abilities of the structure. In addition, by installing overhangs on parts of your metal building, such as loading docks and doors, you can add some much-needed shade while still ensuring that these areas are well lit when needed. The right accessories will help keep you cool during those hot summer months.

3) Insulation

If there’s one tip we would recommend above all others when trying to cut down on cooling costs during those hot summer days; it would be: insulate better! It pays off financially and in terms of comfort if you take the time and effort required to insulate your steel structure.

Adding insulation to your building is a cost-effective method of reducing energy bills and reducing the temperatures. Insulation works by trapping heat, so by adding insulation to your metal building, you can keep the temperature inside lower without having to run as much air conditioning. A professional company like Steelcon Builders can help you effectively insulate your building.

4) Sealing the Building

Ideally, your place should be sealed; this means that hot air should not be able to penetrate and make its way to your building’s interior. If you can’t fully insulate, then the next best thing is to put in place an airtight seal that will effectively prevent drafts from seeping into your interior. This will help in keeping the interior temperatures in check.

Don’t neglect those windows when trying to keep cool during summer! The glass lets hot sun rays through, so even if you’re not planning on replacing your metal structure just yet, it still pays off tremendously if you look at things such as better insulation for existing window frames.

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