7 Not-So-Lucky Mistakes Made In The Field Of Steel Erection

7 Not-So-Lucky Mistakes Made In The Field Of Steel Erection

Unlike concrete, wood, and plastic, structural steel does not react to humidity, won’t shrink or crumble under the sun, nor will it spall. That is what makes steel such a formidable material in CAPEX construction projects. But that’s not all; steel stands only as good as the team spearheading the erection. One wrong step is another documentary on compromised structural integrity disaster. Hiring an experienced team like Steelcon Builders for your project in Statesville, NC, can guarantee a safe project.

Steel installation is a precise and intensive operation where it’s crucial to minimize errors, so the completed structure is safe for habitation. Still, to err is human, and here are some errors best avoided in the world of steel erection, or else.

1. Not Verifying Building Permits & Codes

Skipping this step is guaranteed to have your project canceled. The purpose of the verification is to ensure the erection is as per the city & state construction codes. Take your time to research the building requirements before beginning a project.

2. Forgoing the Instruction Manual

Steel fabrication kits are like complex Lego sets. They come with an assembly manual that highlights the optimal erection procedure of the structure. The contractor must follow the manual to achieve the calculated quality & stability of the structure. If the contractor skips the manual, the errors increase ten-fold as the fabricated parts are not fitted as intended by the erection design. Disaster ensues.

3. Starting Without a Base Plan

Even seasoned builders make this blunder by not having an expense, activity, and alternative activities plan laid out. The plan provides a rough estimate on how the metal building is to be designed & intended as the erection begins.

4. Substandard Welding

Steel structures rely on solid welds. Welding melts & bonds steel connections seamlessly if done right. Welds must be inspected for sealed surfaces before erecting.

5. Inadequately Equipped For the Job

Sometimes builders try to cut costs by not utilizing appropriate equipment. Not only is this a fatal flaw in construction, but it affects the structural stability of the finished building and creates a hazardous environment for the workers on site.

6. Wrong Steel Insulation

Insulation is required to protect the steel from the corrosive properties of concrete setting additives. Proper insulation also protects against mold growths, rust, and corrosion and should not be reserved for just the wooden components of an erected structure. In a fire, steel insulation is more needed than any other.

7. Employing an Inexperienced Fabricator

A professional steel fabricator has the advantage of credentials, experience, referrals, and quality workmanship. Yes, an experienced team may seem expensive, but hiring a cheaper team will bring you an erected structure that might be condemned owing to structural defects. Invest to avoid a weakly built steel structure!

At Steelcon Builders, we cut no corners & take no shortcuts to achieve the erection of a safety-compliant steel structure. If you need only the best turn-key solutions in the steel building & erection business, then contact us for a job done to perfection in Statesville, NC.

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