A Brief Overview Of Specialty & Structural Concrete

A Brief Overview Of Specialty & Structural Concrete

Concrete is one of the most versatile and resilient construction materials on Earth. From megastructures like skyscrapers and multi-level highways to streetscaping elements like sidewalks and decorative pavement, concrete has it all covered with a ‘concrete’ guarantee.

There are MANY kinds of concrete (we can think of around 20 types!) if you decide to be a nerd about it, but we’re just going to be humble hosts and treat you to the layman basics.

What Are They?

Specialty Concrete – as the name suggests, it’s engineered to meet construction requirements in ways that traditional concrete techniques do not. To mention a few: there is polymer-based concrete for swimming pools, drains, and huge corrosive liquid containers; slag cement-concrete for strong structures; fiber-reinforced type for basement foundations and pillars, pervious type for pavement that lets water through without damage; and waterproof concrete for pavement protection; lightweight concrete for room partitioning that adds insulation where thermostats are not installed.

It’s fun knowing that specialty concrete mixes make great material for creating custom landscape decorations and DIY commercial and residential elements. Specialty concrete is often used to add the artisanal touch to a building’s facade in concept projects.

Structural Concrete  If you find the skyline of some of the major cities in North Carolina impressive, that’s standing up on levels of structural concrete. This kind is precast and reinforced with steel rebar, mesh, or both. Dams, Stadiums, Piers; name a built megastructure, and structural concrete will pop up. Structural concrete employs specialty concrete mixes but adds in further modifications for high tensile strengths. It is also used in less ambitious commercial and residential projects for stronger bases.

Why Use them?

It is noteworthy that specialty concrete mixes (including additives) are not designed for high-strength applications, and structural specialty concretes can be seen in places where extreme loads occur. But of course, we know that at Steelcon Builders. Concrete, when rightly cured, can last centuries.

Using specialty structural concrete ensures our clients have sound foundations, as you can see from the projects we have undertaken.

Where to Best Use them?

The reason for specialty and structural concrete to exist is that they differ in their applications, purposes, composition, appearance, and design. Put them together and they create a synergy in bringing out the perfect soundness in the structure.

We have mentioned a few uses above specific to the concrete type. Our turnkey solutions help narrow down what you need done when it’s about erecting, pouring, founding, and slabbing reinforced structures. We’ve kept the overview as elementary as possible, and if you’re a resident of Statesville, NC, we’re close enough to help you with a construction project.

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