About Us

Steelcon Builders has a proud history of over 19 years from a humble beginning in North Carolina. Due to the remarkable benefits of using metal and concrete in construction, we have been its advocate for years. We strongly suggest our customers take advantage of the power of metal and concrete with our efficient, long-lasting steel and concrete building solutions.

Our robust fabrication and installation services combined with our highly experienced and skilled team give our customers the confidence to trust us for all of their construction needs. We use pre-fabricated steel parts in our projects that can be quickly bolted together to form the structure. These buildings last for decades with minimal maintenance because they are resistant to various threats, such as water, fire and pests.

We offer the following services:

  • Metal Buildings
  • Structural Steel Installation
  • Concrete Foundations
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Specialty Structural Concrete

Why Choose Steelcon Builders

  • We have been in the construction business since 2002
  • We have a solid commitment to delivering quality to our customers
  • We are 100% licensed and insured
  • We offer Turnkey projects, where customers can be completely hands-off until we hand over the project.

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