Are Metal Buildings Really More Expensive To Build?

Are Metal Buildings Really More Expensive To Build?

Contrary to popular belief, metal buildings are actually cheaper to construct than traditionally built buildings. The reason is that metal buildings don’t require much insulation, and the metal itself is cheap. These metal buildings can also withstand extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and high wind gusts that can severely damage other types of structures.

The metal used for metal construction is typically steel or aluminum; both metals have a lower cost per pound when purchase in bulk. The metal panels themselves are relatively inexpensive when ordered in large quantities which makes them great for builders on a budget.

Metal is Less Expensive

Metal buildings cost less money on average per square foot than any other construction material. Not only does metal provide more strength for its weight than other materials, but it is also less expensive to produce.

Metal Buildings Save Labor Costs

One of the biggest reasons metal buildings tend to be cheaper is that they take less time and labor to build than other commercial construction materials. The metal panels and metal trusses can be easily installed because of the pre-cut holes, bolts, and adjustable lengths. Metal buildings do not require as much carpentry work or excavating as wood and concrete structures would require. They are made with corrugated steel panels or metal trusses which allow for fast construction of the building frame and save on carpentry costs.

Metal Buildings are Cheaper to Maintain Than Wood and Concrete Structures

Additionally, metal is a good choice for an industrial building because it requires less maintenance than other materials do. Since steel is rust-resistant, metal buildings do not require painting as often or extensive repairs. Metal buildings are also a good choice for climates that experience high winds and heavy rainfall.

Metal Buildings are More Flexible than Other Materials

Another reason metal buildings tend to be cheaper is that they are more flexible in terms of design. Metal can easily be cut, bent, or folded as needed without losing its strength, making metal useful when companies need to make changes quickly, such as after a hurricane. This flexibility also saves time as metal buildings can be assembled in a matter of weeks rather than months for other materials.

Metal is Lightweight

Metal’s lightweight makes it easier to transport, handle and install than other options like wood, brick, or concrete. The metal panels are lightweight, making the construction process more efficient and convenient as there is less equipment needed, and workmen will not require as much training before being able to assemble metal structures.

Metal Buildings are Sturdy

Steel structures can better endure the effects of shockwaves and storms, making metal an excellent choice for those looking for cheap building materials. Metal has excellent durability and can last indefinitely if properly maintained.

Steel buildings are a popular choice for construction projects. They are durable, sustainable, and affordable to maintain or even upgrade as your business grows. And with the help of our team at Steelcon Builders in Lincolnton, you can save on time and money by using prefabricated steel framing instead of traditional wood-framing methods. We work closely with architects and engineers to develop custom design plans that meet all building code requirements, so the final structure is long lasting and able to easily withstand the elements.

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