How To Safely Erect Metal Buildings DIY (Sheds, Shade, Metal Frames)

How To Safely Erect Metal Buildings DIY (Sheds, Shade, Metal Frames)

Pre-engineered metal buildings are simple DIY structures. Even though they are quick to erect, they are not that easy due to common mistakes that novice builders make, which should be avoided for a safe and successful job.

Below are the guidelines by Steelcon Builders for safely erecting your next Metal Building in Morganton, NC.

1. Prepare the foundation

The first step in constructing a metal structure is correctly preparing and executing its foundation. Prefabricated Steel Structures usually include necessary instructions, information, and drawing to install anchor bolts appropriately. Once the foundation is laid correctly, assembling the given architecture will be a breeze.

2. Installing the frame

The primary frame of steel structures comprises primary I-Beam columns and rafters. All components are pre-cut, welded, and pre-punched, making the installation as simple as putting parts together. Beams are the strongest and heaviest pieces that you will fix with bolts to fasten your foundation. After installing the frame, you can join the primary structure with the secondary members using bolts.

3. Sheeting the roof and walls

Once you’ve finished the framing, you are now ready to install your insulation, wall, and roof sheeting. The first step is to apply the wall sheeting. Use self-drilling fasteners to attach the sheets to the secondary frame. Finish your walls and then begin work on the roof panels. Then install weather stripping, which will protect the building from roof leaking.

4. Avoid the common mistakes

a. First, get the building permit before your start erecting it. No permit could lead to disaster.

b. Before ordering your kit for DIY metal building, you must find out about your local building codes to save your precious time and money.

c. Your steel structure must comply with the local rules, regulations, easements, or zoning. If not, then you have to pay heavy fines for every violation, or in case of the most severe infringement, your local authorities will compel you to take down your newly erected structure.

d. You must contact your local building department to get the necessary details before ordering your prefabricated metal building kit.

5. Take safety measures

Novice builders usually jump too quickly in building projects without proper safety equipment.

  1. It is dangerous to venture directly into the erection and execution of prefab steel buildings without proper planning and safety measures.
  2. Read and follow all the safety instructions given in the manual of your kit by the manufacturer.
  3. Ensure that all the workers executing the job are wearing required safety gear like rubber gloves, rubber boots, and hard hats.
  4. Implement the safety protocols of the building, complying with the local administration’s bylaws.

The Gist

Safety should be your utmost priority while performing metal building erection work. Follow the above guidelines to properly plan your construction with precautions and safety measures to save your time, money, and energy. It is always better to consult construction professionals if you are a beginner. Steelcon Builders are happy to provide any assistance you need. Get an Estimate for your desired shed, shade, or metal frame to know your budget.