Interesting Steel Structures To Pick For Your Next Erection Project

Interesting Steel Structures To Pick For Your Next Erection Project

There are many steel structures to choose from when building a steel structure for your next project. Some steel structures can be used as commercial buildings, such as warehouses and large retail stores. These steel structures will need to support the weight of stocked goods and equipment, and they require good structural integrity.

This blog post will discuss some interesting steel structures that you may want to pick for your next erection project.

Custom Shapes

Steel is durable, weather-resistant, and it is easy to work with. With steel structures, architects can design buildings that are unique and aesthetic. There is no limit to what type of structure you can build with it. For example, steel can support a wide variety of shapes and forms. It is not unusual for steel beams to be cut into interesting formations such as snowflakes or animal shapes.

These steel structures are perfect for buildings that require something special and different such as theaters or arenas where the structure is meant to showcase creativity in building design.

Hollow Steel Section (HSS)

Hollow steel sections are steel beams or I-beams that have an empty hole running through them. They allow you to add more material to the steel without increasing weight. It is common for hollow steel section structures to use circular sections, but they can also be made from rectangular tubes with holes cut down their length. HSS steel structures are commonly used for steel frame buildings, steel offices, or steel support beams.

Channel (C-Shaped)

Channel steel structures are steel beams that have been bent into a channel shape. Steel is available in all sizes; however, these steel shapes provide structural support for commercial and industrial buildings. The steel channel is then attached to either other steel channels or columns of steel using metal connectors called ‘angle iron’. This type of construction is often used because steel is strong, and steel connectors are easy to install.

Angle (L-Shaped) Beams

Angle steel is perfect for beams, particularly when you need something to hold up at a 90-degree. The steel can be cut into different angles to fit your requirements which makes it incredibly versatile. It’s the reason steel is the material of choice for construction projects, including bridges and buildings, because its strength is well known throughout the construction industry. Steel can be painted or galvanized for extra protection and durability against the elements.

Steel is an excellent construction material that can last for years and withstand some of the world’s harshest conditions. Whether you are looking for a heavy-duty industrial building or something more decorative, there is a construction option out there designed specifically for your needs.

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