Interesting Trends In Steel Erection To Expect

Interesting Trends In Steel Erection To Expect

Steel erection is an essential part of any project in the construction industry. Steel erection requires a lot of skill and precision to get it done right so that no errors are made. The best workers in this field have several skills, including welding, cutting, and measuring. As with every other sector in construction, some trends will shape how things go for steel erection over the next few years.

Steelcon Builders shares some exciting trends in steel erection to follow for your next project in Wilkesboro, NC.

Modular Construction

One of the most exciting trends in steel erection is modular construction. Modular construction involves constructing buildings or other structures in modules assembled on site. This allows for a much faster construction process, as the modules can be built off-site and then transported to the construction site. This also allows for greater flexibility in design, as the design can be altered slightly without requiring workers to return to the site.

Modular construction also has environmental benefits, as it reduces waste on-site and allows for off-site recycling of building materials that are not needed at the current time. Modules may even come with preinstalled components, which speed up assembly or installation processes.

Use of Drones

Construction companies are also starting to take advantage of drones to help with the steel erection process. Drones can be used to measure and map out the construction site, which helps with the planning and execution of the project. They can also monitor progress on the construction site and ensure that the workers follow safety protocols.

New Color Trends

New color trends are starting to pop up in the steel erection industry. Various colors are being used in construction worldwide instead of traditional black or gray materials. This allows construction companies to match the color of the steel frame with other components or buildings on-site, which can make for a more aesthetically pleasing structure.

More Green Construction

Besides being more aesthetically pleasing, the steel frame construction is also greener. People are beginning to favor eco-friendly materials in their homes or work environments – having a green office building can attract the attention of prospective employees who care about these issues. Plus, it’s just generally good for the environment!

New Steel Erection Technologies

Steel erection technology is constantly evolving, and new methods are being developed. For example, some companies use self-climbing systems that allow workers to assemble steel frame structures without scaffolding or ladders. This accelerates the construction process and eliminates many safety hazards associated with working at heights.

Increased Flexibility

Steel erection is not just about speed. It’s also about working with various building materials and techniques because no two projects are ever the same. With that in mind, companies have been working hard over the past few decades to develop their skills to adapt more quickly as new technologies emerge.

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