Metal Buildings

Steelcon Builders is a leading prefab metal and steel building company. Our attractive buildings are functional, cost-efficient, and perfect for commercial purposes, such as retail, factory, recreational, aircraft hangers, etc.
Why Choose Metal Buildings?
More Durable and Safer than Other Materials
Metal provides extra strength protection against natural disasters such as an earthquake versus
traditional materials, which can be destroyed by such events in minutes! Our structures are made from
solid steel, which means they’re built to last, looking great with their sleek finish.
Get Up and Running Quickly
One of the best parts about having a metal building constructed by Steelcon Builders is how quickly we have your new building up and running for use. The reason? Metal buildings can be erected faster than any other type of structure because they require less planning and preparation.
Cost Less than Other Materials
Using steel and metal for your building is an excellent way to reduce the costs of construction. Metal buildings are durable, requiring less maintenance than other materials like wood or brick. This means you will spend less on labor hours which in turn reduces the overall cost of operation.

Low Maintenance
Metal buildings are low-maintenance; it is easier to clean them, and they require relatively less maintenance over the years than wood and brick.
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