Top Safety Rules That Should Be Followed On A Construction Site

Top Safety Rules That Should Be Followed On A Construction Site

Safety is always a concern, especially for those working on a construction site. Construction sites are inherently dangerous places because of the heavy machinery and tools present. Construction safety has been an issue for centuries, with some safety measures being drawn up as early as the 1800s!

The following are some essential safety guidelines while working at or visiting a construction site.

1) Wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Wearing safety equipment is extremely important on a construction site, and everyone should ensure they are fully protected. This includes:

  • Safety goggles to protect your eyes
  • Hard hats for protection of the head from any falling objects
  • Gloves to avoid cuts/damage when handling tools 
  • Earplugs to guard against loud noises
  • Safety-toe boots or safety shoes to avoid foot injuries and 
  • Safety vests for visibility

Construction workers operating machinery should also wear steel toe work boots if they will be near the equipment while it is running. If there is any risk of electric shock, wearing rubber gloves can help prevent this. Any personnel working with hazardous chemicals should wear safety goggles or safety glasses. Also, personnel that work on scaffolding must wear safety harnesses for support if they are working at any height greater than five feet off the ground.

2) Always Get Permission Before Entering

Never enter a construction site without asking permission from your supervisor and/or risk management staff member because it may be considered trespassing. It is vital to make your presence known at a construction site because safety should be the number one priority for everyone.

3) Don’t Smoke Anywhere Near Combustibles

An important safety rule to follow on a construction site is no smoking anywhere near combustibles because it could cause an explosion. There should also be no smoking in any enclosed areas at a construction site, but if you have no other options available, then ask for permission first before lighting up.

4) Keep Floors Clean and Dry

You should always keep floors clean and dry at any construction site. Water can cause slips or someone to lose their footing, which is extremely dangerous if someone is working high up.

6) Always Follow Safety Signs

Safety signs are always present on construction sites to remind workers and visitors of safety guidelines and procedures. They must be followed closely to ensure safety and that the project goes smoothly without any injuries occurring.

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